Your storyteller: Heather Floyd

Having been lucky enough to photograph some of the most quirky, crazy and wonderfully unique, young families, saying this job is the most spectacular thing ever would be an understatement.  Clients know they can rely on my quick thinking skills and experience as a parent to foresee many giggles, hugs, and smirks before they happen. Our sessions demonstrate the love and laughter that all families experience. Following families on their adventures is my specialty.

The emotional attachment to the memories from our sessions become so great that there is only smiles when seeing these stunning images in large print as they decorate your walls. 

After countless classes focusing on documentary style, knowing how to anticipate the subtle charm of each person is no easy task and is not taken lightly. Photographing the small details of your awesome adventures that make up your everyday life becomes my pleasure. 

What about your story do you want to remember? Better yet, how do you want to display your memories?

Documentary Photographer boise, Idaho

"Definitely would recommend her to my friends. I feel the best way to describe it would be basically you have someone following you for your everyday life and you are able to get some extremely cute candids that normally you wouldn’t have and that are special and different types of pictures than your normal photo shoot." ~Nichole

Documenting child and family adventures since 2010.