Give yourself permission to dream. Fuel your kids' dreams too. Once in a while, that might even mean letting them stay up past their bedtimes. - Randy Pausch Tonight was amazing. We had some good food with good friends and my kids stayed up WAY past their bedtime. It is a Saturday night! Who cares right? When I was a child we had these family friends that we would visit OFTEN and have good food and stay up late with all the time. These friends just happened to have two daughters the same age as my sister and I. We would play outside until we couldn't see anymore and then we would turn on the outside lights so we could stay out longer. Playing tag in the moonlight was the BEST. Those are some of the fondest memories I have EVER. I miss those days. Carefree and careless. Acting like a child and learning as you grow, learning as you go. Learning from your mistakes but watching those in the lead and doing by example. My parents weren't perfect but they were PERFECT. Now as an adult I cherish the fact that I can give that same experience to my children. Good family friends, good food and great memories of late nights.

Kids deserve to be kids. They need it in fact. They need to be pushed to their limits of imagination and inquiry. They need to never stop trying and they need to understand failure. They need to be surrounded by love only so that when they do fail they know they are still loved by those surrounding them. Failure is the key to success. We learn from our mistakes. If we don't move past these then we will never achieve greatness.

Those that know us well understand that we try to give our kids a lot of possibilities to have fun and to learn. We are members of Cub Scouts and we enjoy every minute we spend working on new activities. Lately we have been working on learning the art of photography. Obviously a near and dear subject to my heart I decided to take it upon myself to teach my son and a few other boys the basics of how to take a good photo. Because the idea of taking a good photo is actually very subjective I mainly focused on things based on lighting and composition. The boys just loved it.

Recently we also went to a place called Daffodil Hill. As it clearly describes it is a hill with lots of daffodils on it. Pretty awesome place. And did I mention it is free? Completely and totally free. When we got there, not knowing what to expect, my son asks for my camera to be able to take pictures. "What?!! No way! You can not use my camera! It may break!!" Yeah- that was me freaking out internally without speaking a word. I silently then reminded myself that this was a perfect learning opportunity and I needed to just chill out and take it easy. What do I have insurance for anyways if I can't use it!? I handed over my camera to my son and he took a couple photos. To look at these you would never think of them as professional quality but to me they are a work of art in their own. My son was able to look at them and decide what he liked about them and what he didn't. They were his learning experience. But all in all I think he did a fabulous job. One is out of focus and one is a little dark but they are true quality just because of the heart and soul put into them. that is all I care about. Copyright…my son. Hehe. I am so glad he took this learning opportunity and tried it out or else he will have never learned form is mistakes.

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