"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." Beverly Sills My son is fantastically interested in Legos. He is one of those kids that can spend hours at a time playing with them and creating with them. He will follow the directions that comes with the box but as soon as he is bored with that toy he will take on a new creation that is all his own. When he grows up he says he wants to be a "train driver" We tell him that is called a train engineer and to do that he needs to be really good at subjects in math in school. I have been told by people smarter than me that working with Legos and other such toys will give him a good foundation for his dream goal. Cool. I have no problem with that. When he turned 5 years old, someone gave him a box of Kinex connectors. Now, forgive me, but the box said it was made for ages 7 and up---so I put it away for a while. Now my son is 9. the box has been "down from storage" for a long time and I thought he would never get to putting it together! Well last week, he did just that and what a site. He did it all on his own and he incorporated some other "shady characters" into the build. I was so proud of him and can't wait until he takes this down just to make something else. If this love for building thing continues he may just choose to be an architect and build me my dream home! A girl can dream.




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