Of all the paths you take in life, make sure one of them is dirt.
— Unknown

So we are getting to that time of year when the need to go outdoors is greater for me. The weather starts to get happy and so do I. This year I decided that I wanted to take all my scouts in my den on a camping trip. They had an achievement to earn and although we could have done it in our back yards, I thought this was much better! I bought some new camping gear and we were all set. I couldn't wait to go. It was literally weeks in the making because we were trying to work around other families and I wanted to make sure that we had the sites booked. But of course I didn't start packing until the day before. You know me! The everlasting procrastinator. 

This time around we went to the Mendocino area by the coast to Van Damn State Park. We got to see so many cool things that you just don't get up here in our neck of the woods. The most awesome part was the kids were the ones showing me all of it! I couldn't believe it. I loved every minute of this trip. I took me about two weeks before I took down our overnight parking pass because it reminded me of the weekend of fun. I haven't camped on the coast in a very long time so this was just amazing! 

We  had a long trip down and the the last thing the boys wanted was a photo. But I forced the issue. Haha! We barely all fit in the car with our gear and the people but we made it! 

We got to explore a bit (ok a lot!) and we got to see tons of clovers. The neatest thing was they were HUGE! And some were even different colors. Never before have I seen that! And yes...everything was THIS GREEN. After we set up camp, the boys had to learn how to start a fire. Then we got to explore the beach!  

Back at camp it was a relaxing evening of dinner and stories by the fire. The next day we went on a small hike to a light house and got to look around. It was so magical. I loved every minute of my trip! 

The ride was took us a little longer than the ride there but we made it home safe and sound! Phew what a weekend! And I wasn't even tired after all that! Yeah right! The best part was being with family and not stressing over all of life's problems. Can't wait to do it again!

Do you want me to tag along with you on a journey like this? For a day or a weekend? I will go! No doubt and have a ton of fun doing it too! Contact me today if you want me to photograph your everyday. It doesn't have to be on a trip. Everyday moments are special too.