In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks.
— John Muir

So this past weekend I had the honor of going on a clickin walk. Not only did I have the honor of going, I had the honor of hosting it with another friend. A clickin walk is a walk that takes place all over the world in different cities. Most of the are members of Clickin Moms (the photography group I belong to) but not everyone that goes must be a member. So this year I decided to take the lead and go on a walk inside Yosemite National Park! I can't take credit for the idea but once it was suggested to me I could not resist the chance to go! I had never been to Yosemite and only living about three to four hours away I had to take the opportunity to go. Back in February (or was it March?) I was fortunate enough to go and check things out with the other leader Melissa and we had such a great time. Not only was it beautiful weather, it was the most overwhelming site I had ever seen so it was really hard to take it all in. I was only able to stay for a day then and couldn't wait for the official walk so I could spend the night and sight-see some more. Well, that time was this last weekend so here I am finally getting around to share these photos. It was just amazing to say the least. This time around I was also fortunate enough to go with my mom. We don't get to see that much of each other and we just had the best girl's weekend!  

First things first, we only had about four people sign up for our walk but that is understandable considering that it's not that easy to get there. Secondly, the day of the walk- it was snowing! Actually the snow fell the night before and on that Saturday we got a lot of rain, but not snow. It was actually kinda cool for me and my mom because the walk was basically canceled and we couldn't catch up with anyone that ended up coming! Melissa couldn't make it because the snow had caused closed roads on her side of the park, then the one other lady that did end up coming we never connected with. It was a bummer for sure but it allowed my mom and I to just spend more quality time together. It was really nice! We got pictures of snow on Saturday and sunny pictures on Sunday. We couldn't really ask for anything better. We took our time and went on a hike. We were very proud of ourselves for finishing and getting some awesome photos. 

It was so amazing there and we had such a great time just looking at the scenery. I honestly took more photos with my mom on our phones than I did with my camera! Funny huh? 

While we didn't stay at the Ahwahnee Hotel we did get to eat there and it was delicious! This time around we stayed at the Historic Wawana Hotel and it was just as beautiful. The beds were super comfortable and I even got a discount on my room because the rates had gone down since I booked the trip months ago. You can't beat that! 

The trek into Mirror Lake was a lot more difficult than we had anticipated but it was such a pretty hike and we enjoyed it, taking our breaks when needed to. I snuck a picture of this happy couple sitting on this rock and we didn't realize how great a view they had there until they left! 

We were getting ready to leave and we saw some of the neatest little stacks of rocks. MANY people had stacked rocks up on top of each other to make "ducks". "Ducks" are trail markers in the hiking community and even though these weren't marking a trail I had to snap shots of some of them. Some were very tall and intricate!

Once we rounded the lake we found an easier trek back and boy were we sore once we got there. The entire hike was about 4.5 miles and we sure felt it!

Now that I'm back I would love to see what we can do together! Want to go to Yosemite? I'm down for that! Contact me today to schedule your dream session! If you want to see more of my everyday then please take a look! I love sharing!

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