Well I think this will be my last trip for a while. I secretly hope it's not but I have to say that going on all these trips is truly exhausting! I love every minute of it. Don't ever let me convince you otherwise. This is also a continuation of my blog circle! So at the end make sure to connect to the next blog and check all the lovely ladies out!

This last weekend we went for three days and two nights of school FUN! This time everything was organized by my son's teacher at his Charter School. She got docents to come and give us information we needed and we got to learn a ton of cool stuff. The first thing we did was get there a day early. It was mother's day and it was exactly how I expected it would be! We got ready that morning with Grandma (my mother-in-law) and we headed out, set up camp and had plenty of time to play games and have a nice dinner before going to bed. The next day we were able to "kinda" sleep in and get ready to go for our day of fun filled activities. First up was the tide pools. We were so lucky to be able to experience some awesome sites at low tide. Being VERY careful we decided to walk a little further and experience all the neat animals that survive in this type of ecosystem. Starfish, sea urchins, sea anemones and even lots of life on top of the rocks! It was an amazing adventure in itself. 

Do you see the hermit crab in there? Trust me when I say that it was there and trust me when I say they are fast creatures!! I can't believe I even got this photo! And this starfish is actually eating a mussel! Can you believe that?!

After eating lunch in a wind filled area..ok not really. We couldn't open our car doors because the wind was so strong so we ate in the car while we watched the ocean. It beautiful needless to say. Nothing compares to the ocean views. Nothing. 

Later we got to relax and have more fun at the campsite before heading off to our next ecosystem trek. I actually got a double bonus on my Yatzee game. No idea how that happened but it was a fun time. The kids wanted so badly to learn to play the game. They caught on right away!

Right down from the campsite- literally in our campsite Bull Frog Pond- was this muddy water that we didn't even think was water! It looked like a pile of mud. Apparently there were some problems with the area in the past and the Naturalist was in charge of deciphering what life remained and what state that life was in. She let us help gather animals and bugs and even animal carcasses so that she could document all that was there. She was mainly concerned with the life in the pond but we saw tons and tons of land-life too. It was really neat to learn all about the plant life and the species in that pond.

Afterwards, once dinner was over (yummy chicken foil packets!), we headed back to the campground to visit with the other students and their families for some smores. Have you ever tried scores with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups??! I hadn't until that night and let me tell you- it was AMAZING. I have never had such yummy treats! My kids liked the jumbo marshmallows that one family bought. It was too much fun. 

Next up was bedtime where the kids and grandma and I decided to star gaze. We didn't do it the traditional way however because it was so cold. My iPad and the Star Gazing Ap did this for us. Ten minutes later, my kids were both sleeping and we had another day of fun planned with the class. More on that tomorrow. For now- go ahead and check out Alison and what she has to say this month! You won't regret it!

If you want to have me follow you around for some lovely photos of your day- consider doing a Day in the Life Session with me and you won't regret it. I love taking pictures of your family and how you all react together. If thats not for you then consider a posed portrait session. Just get in front of the camera and have fun! I look forward to you contacting me!  

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