I didn’t choose photography. Photography chose me.
— Girardo Suter

So last year I wrote a post about what to look for when considering a photographer. Basically it's about the idea that anyone can take snapshots of anyone at anytime. Almost everyone has a camera and almost everyone has a good camera because most modern cameras can take really good pictures. Even so, the camera does not do all the work that a photographer can do to make the snap shot a portrait. There is not a fine line between the two. There is plenty of room for improvement here. In other words, the photographer does matter in this situation. It's not everyday you decide to hire a photographer to make special memories out of your every day moments. So when you do, what is it that you should look for? What steps do you need to take to make sure you are getting what you want even before you call the photographer of your dreams?

1.   Review their portfolio

A portfolio is gathering of all the photographers best work. It's what they want to show you. It is their style, their love and their heartache all rolled into one. Photographers put their heart and soul into their portfolios. Make sure that the portraits speak to you. You may love the quality of the work but if the style is different than what you are wanting, please don't call them to do your session. Hire someone that matches the style you are looking for. If you want indoor studio portraits and the photographer in question only takes photos in the outdoors then you might have an issue. You won't be happy with those end results.  

2. Check their location

More than once, I have had people call me in regards to traveling for a session. Most photographers will be happy to go outside of their normal locations as long as they get paid for the appropriate travel time. Some photographers are not willing to travel. It never hurts to ask if you want a photographer to travel a little bit out of their typical locations. The worst they can say is no. I am always down or a little bit of travel time. It gets me out of my comfort zone and challenges me. It's fun!

3. Correct genre

Make sure that the photographer of your choice is great at the genre you are seeking. If you want newborn photos taken then make sure your photographer is good at that. It is very different from a photographer that masters in landscape photography or even weddings.

4. Personality check!

This is something people often forget to do. Do a little research on the photographer. Most have a page on their website that is dedicated to talking about themselves. Make sure you think you will click with this person before hiring them. Read their blog and see how they live and do things. A good photographer will tell you about their life because they like to do that. Make sure you think you will get along before you sign up. It will be more pleasurable for both of you! And don't feel bad- that is the entire purpose for that information.

5. Correct products

Sometimes you may need to ask the photographer what kind of products they offer. Depending on the photographer, you may or may not have these items listed on their website. If not, and you have a specific item in mind that you want, make sure to ask. Some photographers will go outside of their comfort zone when it comes to products but some won't. It's important to know this in advance so you are not disappointed when the ordering process comes.  

So have you made the jump to hire a professional photographer? Call me today to see what I can offer you and please take a look at my portfolio so you can decide if we are right for each other. I would love to hear your ideas on what you want for your dream session! 

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