Some of my favorite sessions are those where I get to actually take advantage of the beautiful light we have around here at sunset. The funny thing is, being that we live in the mountains, there are very few places that actually let me see the light during the optimum times because the trees are so tall. Well, for this session, I was able to get around it and I just love the result. I have known this family for about four years and we become closer every year it seems. So when mom asked me to photograph her son to celebrate his graduation, I just couldn't say no. We were on a strict deadline because their graduation party is this coming week, but we got it done and in record time. Prints are ordered and will be here soon! You know you have done a good job when the client cannot decide what portraits to purchase because she loves them all. That means I have done my job well. (I actually run into this a lot.) It can be challenging to pick images of your loved ones when you LOVE them all. 

This image means more to me since the mom's ordering session. See that bracelet and tattoo on his left arm? Well, that is a special memory for a lost family member (this senior boy's brother) who they lost in a tragic accident several years ago. This image means a lot to mom and I can't even explain how I felt when she told me how moved she was by this portrait. Sometimes it's the little things that count and I didn't even know I was doing it!   

When it comes to detail, noting goes unnoticed. Do you like this session and want something like this for your graduating senior? Make sure to contact me today so we can make it work for you.

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