This is the time for small paychecks and big memories.
— Unknown

I have this friend that told me once that if she can afford to make a memory for her kids then she will do it. I always took this to heart. She has five kids and they don't make a ton of money but they are always doing things that make me envious of their quality time together. Ever since meeting this person and us becoming friends I have taken this quote and kinda spun it into my own web. You don't need a lot of money to make memories, you just need the quality time. Your kids will thank you for it and honestly, they will be better off. We all know this. Quality family time, makes for stronger bonds and it makes for better behaved kids etc etc. The more you get to know your kids the happier they will be. 

My kids are constantly telling me that I need to be with them. Whether they are asking to play a game or just sit down to dinner together, they are always asking. Sometimes I say no because I am too busy but then I just end up regretting it. The work can wait- the memories cannot. You have to make them a priority. Again, it doesn't matter what you are doing- its about doing it together. When I was a kid I remember going to the dump with my dad. Where we lived at the time, the "dump" was a place that you took your garbage to and just let it sit on the side of the road way back in the middle of nowhere. It was not regulated. No one picked it up but people just dumped there unwanted stuff and garbage there. I doubt it is still like that now, but my memories aren't disappointed because of the dump experience, my memories are thriving because I had this experience with my dad. It didn't matter where we were going as long as we were going together. I always struggle with the fact that I need to make my kids lives memorable. But memories are just that- memories. They can be good or they can be bad but they are just what they are. The more positive ones the better but we all have our negative ones too. You know, the ones that help us grow into better people and hopefully don't traumatize us for life? HA!

My sister and I are constantly arguing over what "really" happened when we were little. Our memories are not the same and they don't match. And my mom does't even remember some of them at all! I think the important thing to take away from that is no matter what, everyone will have a different view on life and maybe remember things differently only because they had a different experience. The view was different on their side. And some memories will stick because they meant more to that person they they did to the other. The best part about it is that they are still there. I am not blocking anything out. Having the ability to remember the fun things is what is awesome about life. The memories you have are important. The memories you make are important. The way you make memories is important too. The idea that you are making them is, however, the most important thing of all.

For those that are afraid you may forget your memories, call me to document them for you. I can take pictures of your everyday and make sure they last forever. Remember how your daughter likes to wear the pajamas under her ankles, but only on the right foot? You remember that time your son had that one goofy look because his two front teeth were gone? Remember the time you had the kids hep with the cooking and flour got all over the kitchen turning everything white? There are so many memories. There are so many moments. All of them are important. Document as many as you can and when you can- call me to get some with you in them too.

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