The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, we all know how I feel about this one! Nature brings me back to reality. It reminds me that there is something else in life to wonder about and feel other than the daily life struggles and complications we see every day. I love getting out into the thick of nature. I am learning more about how to handle myself in bad situations if I ever need to and I really enjoy this! I hope my bringing my kids along will allow them appreciation for these moments now and want to do this more in their future. Even just a small walk down your street does good for the soul. But getting further out of your comfort zone really does make a difference. Let's explore some of the things I think you should do this summer.

1. hiking

Hiking is by far my favorite thing to do. It can be a daily walk- like last an entire day- or something that will last 20 minutes. If you have never been where you are going you should really research the area first but it's so easy. You can control the length of your walk and the difficulty with prior research. Bring a couple snacks or pack a lunch, lots of water and you are ready to go! Better yet, bring the family dog! As long as they can behave on the trail and you can control them around other people, they would love you for life! Getting outside and getting some exercise really helps them get their jiggles out! Wait- is that dog or the kids? 


2. camping

We live approximately 2 miles away from a camping spot. It's by the lake and although it is a nice area to camp- it is like we are camping in our own back yard. Why would we want to do that? When I go camping I want to be in a different place than where we are. It kinda defeats the purpose if I can drive a car home to get something I forgot to bring. Take me to the coast or to the redwoods or even to the deep woods around here- but not down the street. Camping is a little more time consuming and a little more costly due to the night's stay but it can be so much more enjoyable than just a few hours walk. 


3. swimming

We all know the importance of swimming. I am not the best swimmer but I know how to float and I passed my high school swimming test ok? Let's just say I can't do competitive swimming exercises. What is funny is that my husband is an excellent swimmer. He has many trophies to prove it and he refuses to swim. It was kinda forced upon him as a child and he didn't appreciate it! My kids go to swimming lessons each summer and they aren't the best swimmers either but my goal is not to get them to be competitive swimmers. I just want them to be able to survive! All that aside though, swimming is the best thing in the summer. Especially when its super hot. Around where we live it can get pretty hot (as in over 100 degrees) but it is pretty rare. We also live in a dry climate so so it can act hotter than it really is. Swimming feels good and it it is fun. We all need to remember that and get in once in a while!


4. exploring

Learning about the great outdoors and keeping your kids interested in it at the same time? Golden opportunities! Walk a little slower along the path. Notice the sights, the sounds and the weather. Take a look at the little things and really ask all the right questions. Have you seen how blue the sky is today? What kinds of clouds are those? Can you find an ant hill? Let's see what is under the rock! Can you smell that flower? Does it smell sweet or sour? Ask them to see if they know. Gather their curiosity. It's ok if YOU don't know the answer. Google is your best friend. 


5. get into your back yard

Don't think you have to go far to have these kind of awesome adventures! Your back yard - or even your street have all the kinds of things too! Find a tree and see what it has in store! Climb it (but don't hurt it!) and make some of your own adventures. Be creative and learn to use your imagination. Also- just let the kids do it! I'm not saying you have to be involved. I know I wouldn't be. They need to learn how to have fun on their own. Maybe suggest a few things but after that let it go. 


Doing all of these outdoor activities are right up my ally. I love getting outside and taking the time to photograph my kids when they have these types of adventures. Do you want me around when you go on your next adventure? Contact me today to book your complimentary consultation or just visit your adventure to find out how it works!

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