I need a six month vacation twice a year!
— Pete McArthur

So do you ever have those moments where you just can't wait to get away? Can't wait to go on that vacation or have that down time from work? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to not have to "work" at all? Of course we all wonder about that right? Even the "stay at home moms" have work to do!

Well, Hopefully you enjoy what you do for a living. I know I do! That doesn't mean I don't find some parts of the job to be a little tedious, but 99% of my work is truly enjoyable for me. Even though, I do enjoy getting out and about with my family and spending quality family time together. I love to have fun with them because that is what life is all about right? Keeping them happy and making memories that will last a lifetime is my goal. If you are not someone that loves what you do everyday then please continue reading. Heck, even if you are someone that enjoys your job, you will find this to be a rewarding read. What can we do to make our everyday activities seem enjoyable?

The first thing you need to do is de-stress yourself. That is obviously easier said than done.  As a matter of fact, its the hardest thing to do...EVER! There are hundreds of ways to de-stress. I won't go into them here but if you have a serious problem to where it is actually affecting your health then you HAVE to talk with your doctor. They can give you loads of suggestions to help. The point is, when you are stressed, you can't even begin to find the things you do daily enjoyable because you can't get past the point of stress. It prevents you from thinking about things clearly!

Next you need to prioritize the things that make you happy. This is another kind of obvious one. Sometimes the hard part is deciding what you need to be happy. Is it down time, relaxation, spending more time with family or friends or something else? The sooner you can realize what actually makes you happy the sooner you can try to work those things into your day. You HAVE to make those things come first. If you can't make them come first then you have to find a way to make them come at least once per day or once per week!. Now- if camping makes you happy, you probably can't make that kind of thing happen daily. But, you can try and spend about 15 minutes outside to take a breather? Be creative with the ways to get the things you want. Make time for them. Schedule it and follow through. 

True happiness is realizing that the little things do matter! That first sip of coffee in the morning to wake you up or the muffin you bought yourself for breakfast, or even the smile from a co-worker. Take all the things that make your day brighter and revel in them. Make it your job to tell yourself that these things make your day more enjoyable. If you can do that you will start to notice that your day(s) will start to become a lot more bright! 

Once you have pinpointed what makes you happy and you can schedule that into your daily life- however often you get it- then you can start to relax a bit more right? Everything comes with the good and the bad. Take it all in stride. If you have to- pretend to be happy! This is the last resort. It really does work! If you sulk about your problem then nothing will feel good! It really is a mind-over-matter subject! Keep acting positive and you will be positive. This helps the day go by faster and it really does make things better and brighter! It's also not about getting out on a vacation to get away its about realizing that the you had the power to "feel" like you were on vacation the entire time you were doing your daily activities! That is so powerful!

Capturing your daily fun and happiness is what I do best! If you want to schedule a session with me like this then please contact me today! We can tailor the day to your needs! I can't wait to meet you! If you liked this post then take look at my recent post about how to stay happy every day

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