Kids don’t remember their best day of television.
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So every year right before school is about to to end, I get excited. I get excited for all the things I plan to do with my kids over the summer. I get excited for all the events we will attend and the friends we will hang out with. Then the first official day of summer comes (ok really the first week) and we do nothing. Nothing at all. I can't even seem to get out of bed and the kids are foraging for their own breakfasts. Is it just me? It's time to play catchup! Then I remember that I actually wanted to do fun stuff this summer and I get bored of sitting around watching too much T.V. so we get a going to some cool places that otherwise we wouldn't have done if they were in school all day. Here are some of my favorite places to go. These areas are all local to me but if you are not local to me you can still take these and run with them. 

1. Hiking around Sly Park Lake

Ok really it's called Jenkinson Lake but we all call it Sly Park because of the road that it is off of. Literally this is about a 2 mile trip from my house so it is not far for me to go. There are plenty of trails around the lake and if you lucky to see the waterfall at the end - it's really great. We go lots of different places besides here but this is a good starting point. Especially if you are not an avid hiker. 

2. Folsom Lake

Folsom lake is great for swimming and having fun on the beach. There are plenty of places to go but make sure you bring money to park. With the drought we have been having the lake is probably pretty low but it's still fun to get out there and have a good time. 

3. The State Capital

Kids love going to the State Capital! You can take a tour of the building and the things that are magical about it are it's size and structure. Take a look at the rose garden while you are there. So much fun. Run around on the grass. It's totally ok! Go to lunch downtown. It's a great learning experience too. If you are like me - I have no clue how to get around on the one way streets or parallel park. So with a friend I MUST GO. It's more fun that way anyways! Don't forget to visit Sutter's Fort while you are down there! 

4. Old Town Sacramento

This place has tons to do! Bring plenty of money for parking and shopping. Just walking around is half the fun. During the year they have tons of events that will teach you about history and you can always visit one of the many museums to make this a learning experience. Take a look at the Train Museum and the Delta King while you are there. Eat at Joe's Crab Shack! You won't be sorry!!

5. Lake Tahoe

Of course we have all been to Lake Tahoe right?? Well I am sad to say that my kids have not really been there. We have seen it from afar during the Salmon Run but thats not enough in my opinion.  So I clearly need to get there more often. With plenty of lake activities and fun hiking and camping spots, you can't go wrong. Trust me. Its beautiful and you won't regret going for the day!


6. Museums

There are plenty of museums in our area. Off Main Street in Placerville you can learn about the gold rush and other unique things about the town's history. There are also plenty of art/photography museums as well off Main Street. Sacramento has a few museums like the Crocker Art Museum and more. Educational, maybe a little boring, but make it fun! Most museums have "scavenger hunts" or other things for the kids to find on their trip throughout the place. Ask when you arrive and you won't be disappointed! Take them out to lunch or go to a park and have picnic lunch when your done. We do everything around food and my kids thrive off that. 

7. Take them to a play

Around here there are lots of places to go see some culture. The Imagination Theater has a playhouse, Coloma Historic Park has a playhouse, Folsom College has a playhouse. Need I go on? Sacramento has a few! Look it up, save up the money and buy tickets. It's a little different than the movies and a completely different feel and vibe. Introduce kids now so they can enjoy it their whole lives. Don't let the arts die. 

8. Take them to the movies

Who doesn't love going to the movies? And on Tuesday, Regal Movie Theaters offer shows for $5. You can't beat that. Go out and have some fun inside when it's too hot to go out and play.  


9. Take them to the park

The park is obviously a fun place to be. There are several in the Placerville area. Bring a picnic lunch and your camera. Have some fun!

10. Take them to your back yard!   

This one may seem obvious but really, I think people forget that you can just send your kids outside. Take a look at what they can do out there in my recent post. There are tons of things to do right in your own backyard. 

If you want me to come with you on any of your adventures this summer then let me know! Contact me today to schedule your next session. How fun would it be to capture those memories on camera! It's crazy to think you may forget. But it happens. Don't let it happen. 

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