Please don't rush me for I am little. Please understand that I have little feet and little legs. They can only move as fast as they are able. Your legs are so long and are used to moving quickly when you want to get something done. Mine tend to get tired easily and I don't understand why yours are in a rush. 

Don't forget that I am young at heart. My heart can't take all the beatings that your can. Please remember to love me every day to your fullest because that is all that my heart understands. Please take a moment to tell me you love me as often as you can. My life and its well being literally depend on this. When you forget to tell me that you love me- I will think this is not true and I will be sad. 

My mind is simple. Please remember that I cannot understand complex words and phrases. Know that I may act big but I am not. I have the desire to want to stay behind and smell the flowers. Please allow me the time to do this for it helps me learn. Keeping things simple for me will only allow me the chance to ask more serious questions when I am ready. 

Understand that the world is my playground. I want to explore and understand things as much as you want me to. But know that you have to let me experience things on my own and you have to let me try things out and make my own mistakes. How will I learn about life if you do everything for me? How can I understand how things work if I don't experience them for myself?

You are my safety net. I need you to comfort me when things are going wrong. I need you to be there when I am sick and take care of me when I am sad. Some things will not make sense to me but I don't need to learn all of life's lessons when I am young. Give me time to learn the complex things for when I am older. 

Please don't rush me for I am little. 

Much love,


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