As a family, we love going on "walks". But, as a family, we usually don't have that much free time. Let alone, free time with the actual family! So, on this particular day we enjoyed a nice walk with each other and the dogs. We had to switch dogs every now and then as we are trying to train them on leashes. Being hounds, they are super stubborn so it's not as easy as you would think. We are used to labradors and even though they come with their own problems- walking was not one of those. Needless to say we need to do this a little more to make it work for everyone. We had a great time.  

My daughter always like stop go ahead of us because she thinks that makes her special. We don't care as long as we can see her in our view. 

Getting the whole family to look at me at the same time is virtually non-existant. And you may wonder who that man is. Well, yes he is my husband! It's amazing when I get him in photos. this is a rare moment folks.  

My son is a "stop and smell the roses" kind of kid. My husband doesn't like him lagging behind- even though he isn't (as I am behind them). He freaks out a little too  much in my opinion. I make sure to tell him so too. Ha!

Once they all realize I am too far behind them, we I decide to move a little fast. Do they not understand I am training a dog to walk properly and trying to take pictures at the same time??! Gosh! Give me a break!

We are always happy and exhausted once we get home. This is proof that it does really pay to get outside and have some fun. If you want a session like this to remember your life by, CONTACT ME and tell me what you want. I am open to new suggestions and fun ideas. Normal everyday actives like this are perfect to capture on digital film. 

And this is another post in my blog circle so please go through the circle and see the what wonderful work these ladies are doing all around the world. Tamsin is next!

Much love,