It's no secret that for most of us summer is here! It was a welcome for me because I could not stand anymore school trips or parties or extra homework. Now that summer is here though all I feel like doing is keeping busy. I want o keep my kids busy so they have fun but I also want to keep them busy because boredom equals complaining and fighting. Too close for comfort all the time is an easy way to describe life with two kids and one adult on the long hot summer days. 

Well, one good way to surely get the kids some needed break from the heat is to take them swimming. My kids are not great swimmers so we still need to get them lessons during the summer. We do not own a pool and honestly won't probably ever own a pool so this is really the only chance we have to give them practice. My kids love swimming lessons and this year was no exception. We take them to the city pool and they have a blast, thirty minutes a day, four days a week for two weeks. It's the highlight of their day and then they get to go home and rest. 

I wil forever remember that her swimming suit was a little too big and telling myself that is just what you get with hand-me-downs. The strap kept falling over her shoulder and when she would pull it down her chest would show. That was a no-no. We may be buying another suit soon. 

If you want to see all the wonderful things I think you should fit in with your kids this summer then go ahead and check out all the indoor and outdoor activities that we enjoy. You may get some really good ideas of your own!

Contact me today to schedule your own summer activity to be in photos. You won't regret me spending quality time with you spending quality time with each other. The bonus is that you will have pictures to show for it!

This is also another submission in my blog circle on color. If you have a moment, please go check out the other ladies and see what they have come up with this month. Carolyn Is next and you won't be disappointed. 

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