As my kids get older I struggle with what chores to give them around the house. I don't remember having manual labor chores until I was in high school! I am probably rare in that but I figuring out that having my kids do some things around the house not only helps me out, it allows me to give them more opportunities to show trust and love for our family. One of my son's chores is to open up the chickens in the morning and feed them if they need it. We often help each other with the watering part of the job because I am fan of NOT wasting water and having him do that part by himself would lead to disaster. Trust me on that! 

Not many people know that we breed chickens. I don't really share that information with a lot of people. I am not sure why. We have our own farm and are licensed etc but I think because it's really my husband's hobby it gets forgotten by me. This translates into me not wanting to really help with the chickens unless specifically asked. Ha! So naturally I make my son do as much of this part of it as possible. He is getting much better at the routine. 

Today I was hoping to follow him around and take pictures while he worked. Not only does this give me chance to make sure he is doing the routine right but it allows me to document something that I normally am not present for. I will treasure these photos for a long time to come. 

This post is all about sharing my fiends work too! Don't forget to go check out Sarah and her blog post. Head around the circle until you get back to me. you won't be sorry you took a look!

Photographing my everyday is important to me. Making sure I have these memories secured and on call at all times is so awesome. If you want me to photograph your everyday in this way please START HERE or CONTACT ME. Your special moments are a photograph away. 

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