7 albums. 7 photo albums sitting on my shelf.

7 albums that get looked at often. And by often I mean a couple times a year. But none the less, looked at when we feel like it. Looked at when we feel nostalgic for a camping trip we want to relive again. Looked at when we just are bored on a rainy day. Looked at when we have the chance to show someone that time we went to the zoo. 

My wedding. My daily life before kids. My daily life with young kids. My biological parent's wedding. My children's first years. My children's life. In 7 albums. 

It's a proven fact that when you display your pictures, your feeling of self-worth goes up. You feel loved, special and included in something bigger than yourself.

Looking at pictures of your life help you remember the moments that things were funnier, the moment that things were happier, and really, just the moment when things were different than they are today.

Let's explore a few ways we can display our photos for all to see, raise our self-esteem, heighten our feeling of being loved, raise our ambitions of being included, and empower us overall. 

1. Family albums

I mean, yeah, this is an obvious one. Whether you scrapbook them all pretty with lush designs and pretty ribbon, or just fit them in a clear folder plain and simple, having a book of photos of times forgotten is a win-win. Easy to store and easy to display, family photo albums are a simple way to add your memories to your daily life.

2. Wall art

So this one for me is an obvious one as well, but people really do underutilize it. I get that some of us want artwork not he walls. I get that not everyone has large beautiful walls for displaying a lot of memories, but just one image can change your life. One image that you place strategically in your home that you can look at day in and day out and not only smile, but lower your overall stress level. You just gotta do it. Every house has space for one image to hang on the wall. There isn't a wrong choice here. 

3. Slide shows

What better way to display our memories than slideshows. You get way more for your buck and you don't have to do a thing! I think it's common knowledge that they make picture frames that digitally hold images. Or at least, they display the images from the card that you insert into it. So easy and so simple to watch recent memories before you hit the "print" button.  Not only fun to watch, these things are genuinely the most simple way to show off your family. 

Looking back on my life, my kids' lives, I wonder if I took enough photos. Did I display enough? Did I let them know unconsciously that they were important to us? I think I have. But have you?

Much love,


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