If you are a connoisseur of family photos, you probably have a good list going for your favorite places to take family photos. And depending on the time of year, it will probably depend on where you think of going. However, if you are not that person, the person that knows all about this stuff, then this list is for you.

Idaho is plagued with pretty places to see pretty things. I mean, the locations here are stellar in that you can get the most amazing views of hillsides, trees and even cities within a relatively short drive. Because of that, there is really no way to make this list all inclusive for everyone. Some people prefer things others do not, but give this list a chance and you may find somewhere new to go and have a fun time while doing it!

1. Stellar City View: Camel’s Back Park

Camel’s Back Park exhibits one of the best views of the local Boise city that I have ever seen. So close to the center of town yet so high up, you get to see all the wonderful places that make this town something a pleasure to call “home”.

2. Amazing Mountain View: Sawtooth Mountain Range

There are over 50 peaks in this mountain range that reach over 10,000 feet high in elevation and with over 700 miles of trails and almost 400 lakes to see, there is not a shortage of beauty here. Literally taking one photo a day with your family, you can make each day look like something new and different.

3. Gorgeous Lake View: Ponderosa State Park- Lake Payette

Lake Payette in the Ponderosa State Park near McCall is one of the best places for a lake view. Local enough to Boise, this lake offers tons of places to hike, camp and enjoy your time. Any picture here with your family is a picture worth taking but Osprey Point has an amazing view of the lake that you just can’t miss.

4. Expansive Foothills View: Ridge to Rivers System

Idaho has some of the most extensive foothills there are and we are fortunate enough that there are all kinds of ways to navigate it. Talk to any local that loves to hike and this is the trail system for you. With over 190 miles of places to go and see, whether you like a hike or a stroll, there are lots of places to go. Taking a family photo anywhere near here would be fun and rewarding!

Picture of the foothills in Boise by Snake river

5. Tree Lined Views: Bogus Basin

Without going too far north, this state actually has some amazing tree lined views right up close and center to the city of Boise. Bogus Basin is an area that affords lots of fun all year long. Skiing, biking, hiking - there is never a shortage of activities to do up there on the hill. And the best part is it feels like you are thousands of miles away from the city when you are really just less than an hour away. A family photo here would not disappoint!

If you want to do a session at any of these places, call me today! My mini spring sessions are underway and a session in the wildflowers would also be wonderful, don’t you think?