Riding around the roadways lined with campers and tents, people and wildflowers, the wind blew through my hair. We knew our way around like the back of our hands because we had done this track so many times before. Only 30 minutes drive away from where I grew up, Blue Lake in Modoc County was probably the best place to be. Bringing everything with us except the kitchen sink, a two night stay felt just like home and seemed to last a life time. We would go with friends, swim in the lake, fish in the early hours of the morning and just hang out in the hammock and relax. While long work hours and busy schedules keep us from going as a family as often as I did when I was young, we try to go camping as often as possible. And because California is so diverse of scenery, it is always nice to go out and see what other sites if has to offer. Let's explore some of them! 

1. The trees

There are variety of landscapes in our state and they differ so greatly. One of the things that differ about them is the trees. What types of trees do you want to see? Oaks? Redwoods? Pines? With the varying elevations in our state it is easy to find all of these within just a few hours of each other. Want to see and learn about the redwood trees then you should try Big Basin Redwoods State Park or Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. There are multiple places at the ocean level that will give you the look you are expecting. What about some pine trees? Then check out Wrights Lake and D. L. Bliss State Park. Looking for Oaks? Try some middle ground places like Collins Lake or Folsom Lake


2. The ocean

While there are a lot of places you can camp by the ocean, some are more worth while to see than others. Try Mackerricher State Park and Van Damme State Park. While you are there, try and catch a restaurant dinner for some yummy seafood you won't get elsewhere. Take a hike to see a lighthouse near by and learn about tide pools!

3. The rocks

One thing Northern CA has going for it is the granite rocks. Lots of places offer backpacking to remote places as well. But to stick to basic camping, Silver Creek and Silver Lake Campground will do just the trick. Rocks, rocks everywhere!

4. The lakes

There are COUNTLESS lakes in Northern CA that offer beautiful scenery. You can always try Blue Lake where I grew up camping, or you can try Lake Tahoe or even places like Crater Lake. Some of the most beautiful scenery to see and fun games to be had! 

5. Unforgettable Views

If you want to see some of the most beautiful parts of CA then Yosemite is where it is at! Yosemite offers something for everyone. Hiking, camping, bicycling, rock climbing, photography, astronomy and more! There is always something going on and always something new to learn. Plenty of places for camping or if you would rather, staying the night in a hotel! Just have fun in the outdoors!

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P.S. Want me to tag along with you and take pictures of your adventures? I go anywhere you go! Let me know what memories and traditions you want to focus on this spring! Contact me today! 


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