Way back when I started my business, a lot of who I took photos of was family.

They were trying to support me in my new adventure and I was very happy for that. 

At one point, I did take some photos of family at our State Capital here in California.

It was such a pretty background and it was so fun to go and hang out with family that I don't normally get to see that often. 

While I am offering a digital package for people to purchase now- at the time I was not. So my family was forced to print the photos I had taken if they wanted copies of them. 

One week later- we decided on what photos would be printed and a couple weeks after that the photos were delivered.

End of story right? 


Less than one month after taking these photos at the State Capital, one of the family members in the pictures had passed away due to complications after a surprise stroke

So you can imagine where I cam going with this right? If these photos didn't exist there would be nothing to remember this person by before passing away.

You can only imagine what these photos mean to the family members that are left. 

Fast forward to today. I emailed one of my favorite clients Vickie just to check in.

I love hearing from her. If there were any client that totally valued what I do for a living, it would surely be her. 

Vickie purchased my entire digital package to go with her Short Story Session. She couldn't decide which of the photos were her favorite for print so she decided to just get them all.

I asked her what she did with all those digital files she purchased. 

I used my photos to send some photo books to family that we rarely see. Some of them have never met my son in person so it was wonderful to let them “live a day” with us,.
— Vickie

And I will tell you what. That is probably the best news I had heard all day. It made me smile from ear to ear. 

Because heaven forbid those photos go to waste sitting on a USB drive and not getting shared. And heaven forbid something happened to one of the members of the family that they weren't going to get enjoyed by others in the mean time. 

Never again will I not print my photos. Say it with me. 

Don't waste this time to share what you have available to you. Don't lose your photos. Print them. Share them. Love them. 

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Much love,