Tying her shoes was difficult. The laces didn't want to do what she wanted and she sat there and raised her hands in frustration. Now age ten, she had tried to tie her shoes many times before with complete success but today she couldn't do it. These were the days I wished we only had to deal with velcro. SO. MUCH. EASIER. But when you are talking about hiking shoes, laces are what is needed to make sure the shoes are on securely and tightly. Preventing ankle issues on a hike is imperative. No one needs a sprained ankle on a long hike with little ones. 

In Idaho, I hear there are tons of activities to run around and do. However, not all of them include being outside and doing a "sport". I did a little bit of research and I can't wait to get to these places to check them out. Clearly, I am meant to be outside and spoiled by nature's greatness. If you are local to Boise, please let me know what you think about any or all of these places! I can't wait to check them out for myself, but having the locals give me guidance is so much better! 

1. Zoo Boise

Looks like a great place to kick back and see some cool animals? Is that right?

2. Camel's Back Park

I think the thing that intrigues me the most about this place is the access to the foothills. I wonder if the view is to die for? Do you know?

3. Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center

Sounds like this is a place to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature. Have you been there?

4. Ridge to River Trail System

If you know me at all you would know that traveling on the extensive trail system that goes through the foothills of Boise sounds just like something I would do on a daily basis. Have you traveled the whole 190 miles of trail?  

5. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

So by the looks of it, this place is clearly a nice area to spend some awesome winter days. Snow snow snow! But I hate snow. Please tell me there are things to do there in the summer months? 

6. Discovery Center of Idaho

Anything hands on and experimental is totally my jam. Did you know I have a degree in biology? Yes! And so I love science! Can't wait to visit this place. My kids are 13 AND 10. Do you think they will be happy there?

7. Barber Park

Now this place seems like somewhere I can really get behind! Floating on down the river sounds so majestic and calm. Am I right, or no?

8. Historic Hyde Park

If there is one thing I love about the area we currently live, it's that I love our little Main Street. The shops and eateries and just overall places to do things and see art, is a really big plus for me living in this town. Knowing that I am going somewhere that is going to have something similar, makes me so happy. What is your favorite thing to do in Hyde Park?

9. Idaho Botanical Garden

While plants are usually my husband's area of interest, this place looks amazing! Can you imagine having fun here and getting your picture taken? YES PLEASE!

10. Ann Morrison Park

This places looks sort of traditional and usually not up my alley but I am willing to explore everything and this spray fountain looks pretty cool! I have also always wanted to learn how to play bocce ball. Do you know how to play?

So I need to know! Have you been to these places? Have you actually seen the sites of Boise and it's foothills? Do you have a favorite spot I listed or maybe DIDN'T list? Please tell me about your experiences and PLEASE join in on the fun! Maybe we can go see some of these together. 

Much love,


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