You know those days that don't go exactly as you had planned but then in the end it all worked out ok? This was one of those days. One of those days that was a little hot, a little muggy and little late in the day. The smell of the grass was itchy on my nose and the light breeze always puts a tear to my eyes. Darn allergies. But none the less we were off to our photo spot.

As always, I try and get people to come out in the golden hour of the sunlight. You know, that yummy, yellow, pretty light at the end of the night? Yep, we made it. Then due to unforeseen circumstances we had to move spots! I don't really feel like sharing the "why" behind the move but let's just say it all worked out for the better. 

As any photographer knows, following a toddler around is no easy task. Well, the following part is easy but the getting the said toddler into focus and with other people in the photo is somewhat of a feat in itself. He was running around so fast that we had to bribe him a few times. "Stay still for one second!" "Hold this and come show me!" A two year old's focus only lasts a fraction of a second. You shoot, click and pray. I think God was on my side on this night as I did get so many photos in focus. 

Of course dad had a few favorites. Nothing beats the father and son combo. The only time I got him to A. Stop moving and B. Stop giggling was when he was with dad. Dad was my savior that night. 

But once everyone was used to the camera it all became magical. As usual, the great shots are few but they are mighty. I am always pleasantly surprised with what I come up with. I know there will always be that magical one that I love. My favorite is not always the clients favorite but in this case I think it was too hard to choose!

So next time I set out to photography a toddler, please remind me of how crazy things can be and then ultimately how wonderful in the end. 

I love doing posed sessions. I really do. But my specialty lies in documentary sessions. Showing the everyday moments that you want to capture are important to me. Remember the time she was in her crib and she woke up crying? Only a parent's love can soothe that. You know that time that you were watching TV and you liked to sit on the couch together in a huddle? Let me capture those things in pictures. CONTACT ME today or START YOUR JOURNEY NOW

Much love,