Getting rolled over, I lay there in the snow and I was frozen. A sled, currently being pulled by a moving truck and holding my friend, her sister and their dad, literally rolled over me. In shock and not knowing what to do I sat there in the snow waiting to see if anyone would realize I had fallen off he sled and gotten run over. 

Moments later, my dad, who was driving the truck in our back pasture, stopped and told me to get in the front seat and warm up. I didn't stay there for long, as my crying was too much for him and he told me to go home. Running back to my house, on my own, I lye down quietly in front of the fireplace and listened to Christmas jingles on the record player, while memorizing a tongue twister in my activity book. To this day, I remember that feeling of sereneness and calm. I was no longer in pain. I had the house to myself and I was happy. 

Words cannot express the yearning I have in me to be back as that little 6 year old, listening to my Sesame Street Christmas album (which I still have by the way) and just being a kid. There is an equal yearning in me to let my kids have their own experiences and their own dreams fulfilled. And while my kids have had quite a life here in California, we are going to pack it all up and head out. 

We are moving to Idaho in the fall.

Yep, you read that right. We are planning on moving to Idaho in the fall. This is something we have prayed for and longed for and by golly- finally are taking the steps necessary to make it happen. Words cannot express the excitement I have mixed with constant worry and emotions. Are we making the right decision? Will we be happy? The unknown is a scary thing huh?

So today I am just hopping in to say thank you. Thank you to all who have trusted me with your memories and thank you for all you have given me in confidence, spirit and love. 

Since we are not moving until August, I am making the announcement that June will be my last month for taking any sessions locally. Getting ready to move and pack and purge will be an undertaking I wouldn't wish on anybody but it has to be done. 

So now is the time. This is not a drill. If you have considered hiring me in the past and haven't "gotten around to it" or  weren't sure what to do about a documentary session, please inquire now. I can't imagine anyone wanting to give up capturing their adventures this spring. Camping, hiking, swimming, binge watching disney movies? Hmmm...sounds fun to me!

Let me capture those moments before they are gone and before I am gone. Contact me today. 

Much love and well wishes,

P.S. Ok! Ok! If you must have me later than that and I am already settled in my house in Idaho, I will come back and visit. Just shoot me a message to let me know. 

P.P.S. And if you are still reading, please consider giving me a review on google or facebook. All the reviews help potential customers decide whether or not to hire me and it is the single best thing you could do for me and it would only take a small moment of your time. Find me on google, scroll down or go to the google listing where it says review and give me an honest review of how you were treated, how your images came out or how happy you were after your session was over. This is much appreciated!