Kneeling down to hug her was hard and her fur was so wet from the rain that all I ended up doing was getting myself wetter than her.

When you have to re-home a pet that you love it is one of the hardest things to do.

Being a good neighbor comes with a price and the stress was just too much.  Knowing that she is going to a good home is little consolation considering the circumstances. 

Please tell me you will keep in touch. Please tell me you will send pictures. 

I love her and I will miss her. 

Even though we don't want to remember the sad parts, life does have its up and downs. 

I choose to concentrate on the happy parts. I try not to think about the sad moments because who wants to remember those?

The day we brought her home, the first time she was allowed with the livestock alone and the moments she ran to the gate to say hello. I will remember it all. 

Sweet thing. Have fun at your new home and have fun with your new friends. You will have so much to do and you have such potential to be a great guardian to your friends the goats. I wish you well. 

Being a veterinarian technician for eleven years I am no stranger to heartache. As you can probably imagine, that is one of the main reasons I chose to document life in photos rather than deal with that pain daily. 

But again, life is made up of ups and downs. What parts do you want remember about yours? 

I choose to remember the great moments. There are so many. 

Let's not dwell on the other stuff. 

Contact me today to schedule your next session to remember your daily happy moments. 

Much love,