Pretending to be scared of heights, she sat on the fallen tree and cried. You know, one of those spells that just feels forced? How can you really be scared when four feet off the ground? 

Alright, I am not going to say that she wasn't really scared because I really didn't know, but mom and I laughed anyways. We helped her down and she went running. At almost five years old, she is a true spitfire. But who wouldn't be with brothers like these? 

Hanging out on this ranch was the most fun I have had in a while. Being with this family before and having a history of being nervous around the cows previously, dad was worried for me. 

I have to say that the ease that this entire family moved around these large animals was inspiring and touching all at the same time. Even the donkey was in love. And believe me, he was a cranky fellow according to mom. He was re-homed and then re-homed again after this session. I guess neighbors don't like loud donkey noises. It's a mystery to me as to why not! 

The idea here is that all loves are exciting. All stories are memorable and should be documented. A lot can happen in two hours. Short Story Sessions are the best! 

Do you have a farm? I would love to come and see what animals you have and how they get taken care of! Contact me today to tell me what you want to remember about your life! 

Much love,