So last weekend I had this friend give me a ton of fruit. And when I say a ton- I mean a ton. Bags and bags of apples, many many peaches, bag of pears, and a bad of asian pears. Wow. What to do with all this fruit? We obviously can't eat it fast enough so here is what I decided to do with it.

I have seen this done before and have never really been that crazy about trying it myself because I was afraid it wouldn't come out right. But I have to say, it was so easy and through a little bit of trial and error, I made it work out great! Let me share my mistakes with you. Depending on what type of fruit you pick will depend on the preparations involved. Once you have the skins off and the fruit is washed and set you can get started!

Step 1: Blend your fruit

Now, you can pick what ever fruit you want but remember that it really needs to be pretty ripe. Not only will it taste better, but it will blend easier. I blended mine in this tiny blender I had when I used to make my kids own food as babies. Today I chose peaches and apples and I blended them together. I have used strawberries before by themselves and I have used pears by themselves. What ever fruit you have will probably work well. I have not tried oranges or citrus but you will never know if it works until you try it. And the bonus is that you don't need a ton of fruit to make it happen. Lastly, you can add a little honey to taste to make the tart fruits a little sweeter. Once you have blended your fruit well, it should have no clumps and be almost a juice-like consistency.

Step 2: Dry your fruit

There are two ways to dry your fruit. One way is to do it in a dehydrator and another way is to dry it in the oven. I bought a pretty inexpensive dehydrator from Walmart and I like it because all I have to do is plug it in and it goes. There are no bells and whistles and it is very simple to clean. I also bought some dehydrator sheets that sit into my trays. This prevents the liquid from falling through the cracks. But you certainly could just use wax paper and cut it to size. My trays only hold about 1.5 cups of blended fruit. I don't recommend going over about 1/4 inch thick. The thicker it is, the harder it will be to dry because it will take longer. My dehydrator takes 4-6 hours to dry most of the fruit I have tried so far. The oven will take overnight at the lowest temperature it can go 120 degrees or so. Make sure to line your cookie sheets with wax paper so you can remove it easily. I recommend doing it overnight because you don't want the oven occupied while you are in need of it to make dinner. You will have to experiment on how long you need to do this in the oven. The worst thing that can probably happen is the fruit dries too much and you get a harder consistency like a chip. Fruit chips still taste the same but they are crunchy instead of chewy. They still taste good. I would know. 

Tip: Try to make the fruit as even as possible when laying it in your trays or your cookie sheets. It makes for a more even drying across the entire fruit.As you can see mine has lots of bumps in it. Its not as easy as it looks to get it flat!

Fun Family Snacks: 3-step homemade fruit rollups | Children Documentary Photographer Placerville

Step 3: Roll your fruit

Once your fruit is dry, you need to take it out and let it cool a bit. Then you can cut into shapes or strips and just roll it up! Because mine is not on the wax paper, I have to cut my paper to size and roll it up. I store it in the pantry and it doesn't take long for it to get eaten. Really. It's so good. 


Fruit (any kind) - about 1.5 cups

Honey to taste


If you try this recipe, please tell me how it went! Have you done this before? What tips do you have to make it even easier for people? Comment below. 

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