Last week we talked about how to use light creatively in your photos. Please read that post first! Not because the have to be watched in order but because you can't miss it! Ha!

This week we are going to talk about how to use composition in your photos.  Your composition is where your subject is within the frame of your photo. It doesn't matter what your subject it- whether it's a rock or a toe, you need to place it somewhere within the photo that makes sense and that draws your attention to it only. Sometimes there can be multiple subjects that draw your eye away from one another and that is ok too. You just have to decide what you want. You are the artist. You are the creator of your photo's destiny. Go ahead. Look up some composition rules. There are too many to list here. Some examples are:

The Rule of Thirds:

The Golden Spiral:

Center Composition:

They all work and serve different purposes in which to draw your eye throughout your frame. Don't get stressed about it. Just have fun with it!

If ever you feel like you need me to follow you around and capture images such as these- then you must CONTACT ME today. I love taking pictures of people doing their everyday things!  In the mean time, happy shooting!

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