Sitting on the floor of the shoe store, she screamed at the top of her tiny lungs. Wanting the sparkly pair of tie-shoes more than anything, and not afraid to let everyone in the store know that was the case, she then stared at me. 

Wanting an answer to the ultimate question of affordability. Staring back at her, my words were shockingly calm. Wanting her to have it all yet not wanting to give in, these shoes were just too much money. In our house, compromises are made. We will pay for a certain amount and she could pay for the rest. 

As parents we want the best for our kids.

We want them to have all the fancy gadgets that all the other kids have but reality sometimes hits when it is least expected. She has grown to understand that as much as we want her to have the best, we won't spend money on the best, especially since she will outgrow that item in about two months flat. Finances are rarely the problem. Our reasoning behind this is that we want our kids to be individuals.

You are not cool just because you have a certain brand name pair to jeans or a awesome colorful pair of sneakers. Individuality is the goal.

I have been noticing this trend in the photography world as well.

People tend to do what others think is nice because it is the only thing they know and they feel like it's the accepted normal thing to do. So what do others think is nice? Posed portraits in stiff clothing with pretty lighting at sunset- that is the accepted "norm" when it comes to photography. 

Let's start thinking like individuals.

Understanding that every session is special and unique, just like the families that are a part of them. It is never ok to assume that your session will look like another, even if they were taken in the exact same location at the same exact time of day. Embracing the differences in families and celebrating their uniqueness is what I do best. Documenting your individual personalities is no easy task.

Doing that when you are in dressed in uncomfortable clothes and sitting on the cold, wet grass, is virtually impossible. 

However, taking pictures of you while you are in your own cozy home or your favorite restaurant where you eat dinner, the job becomes a lot easier. Imagine yourself standing at your kitchen sink while your two year old daughter helps you with the dishes. Laughter ensues while bubbles and food fly everywhere. Then the tickle session that follows makes the moment more special than ever. These are the kinds of activities that happen on a normal basis in your home! Whether you want to believe it or not, these are your daily memories and they shouldn't be forgotten. 

Just like we try to teach our kids that they are unique and special, we need to think about our photography sessions this way.

The same posed session in the open sunny field, late in the day, everyone can do. Hire me to document your life, not your one-time outfits sitting in the sunset.   

Be original. 

Contact me today to schedule your next down-home, photo session or wild and crazy adventure session. Whether it's via family films or family photos. Get the best deal with an annual memberships!  

Much love,