So today I was looking at some photos that I need to hang up in my kids' room. These pictures were given to me and are so wonderful. I just needed to get them up right away. So I decided to make a tutorial about it for people that may not know the proper way of doing just this. Hanging pictures is easy when you have the know-how. Please forgive my photos here as they are meant for teaching only. Let's begin! 

Step 1: Gather your pictures together 

Gather the pictures in question together and place them upside down on the floor. Play around with the layout and the design. This is where you will measure everything and make it look just as if it was on the all so make sure you have it just as you want it. Placing them upside down allows you to be able to measure between them and measure where the hooks are going to be going into the wall.

Tip: The pictures don’t have to be symmetrical. This is purely your taste in matters. Make the collage look as you want it to look.

Step 2: Measure twice, punch holes once!

 Once you have decided where the pictures will hang on the wall, you need to measure some things. This is where sometimes having a little bit of math knowledge comes in handy. The rule of thumb is that the center of the photo should be about 58" to 60" up from the floor. Measure your wall and mark this spot according to your personal preference. Next, measure the portrait you are placing on the wall and divide it in half. Measure the distance of half the portrait height and label that part of you wall as well. This mark will essentially be the top of where your portrait will be on the wall. Lastly, measure the height between the wire hanger (or other hanging device) so that you know where the portrait will need to be hung. Depending on what type of hanging device you have will depend on how much you need to measure here. Mark the wall where it will be hung. Check your measurements twice. You don't want to put multiple holes in your walls at the next step.  Once you know how tall everything will be on the wall you need to make sure they are centered. So don't forget timesaver the width of your space too.

Tip: Use a pencil to mark your wall so that it can easily be erased if need be.

Step 3: Hang and check

Wow step two was a doozie right? But once you get all your measurements right it is time to hang them up! The nails your portrait is hung on is dependent on how heavy your portrait is. When you purchase picture nails in the store, the box will notify you of the weight they can take on.  Your nails may look different depending on where you get them and what company they are from. My nails are left over from another project and I didn't want to buy more. After you have hung the portraits make sure you check them with a level to see that they are straight! Congratulations! You are done! 

Tip: Use picture hanging strips from Command to place on one corner of your picture on the bottom side. They are easily removable and they help the portrait from swinging back and forth on the wall.

If you need help or should you find yourself lost, go ahead and watch this video from Martha Stuart. She knows everything!! And ask away in the comments if I can clarify anything. It really is simpler than it seems! 

Much love,


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