Swinging on the hammock listening to some soft tunes while you get those deep lines on your butt from the pressure of the rope, is the epitome of relaxation.

Or for you maybe it's the idea of taking a nap while the house is completely quiet as the kids are at school and you are not. 

What about taking a yoga class and feeling completely moved and understood all in the same moment. Your instructor surely had your back that day. 

Whatever it is, relaxation techniques are unique to each of us.

Me being in favor of all three is not the point here, but one way to be truly relaxed is to be stress free. 

Stress comes in many forms and can sometimes mask itself into our health in unexpected ways. The last thing you need in life is to add to it. 

When people tell me about their previous photography sessions, the explanations are wrought with stress.

The idea of hiring someone to take pictures of them in their present state takes time and effort. Having to buy new clothes that match for everyone in the family to wear during that session takes even more time and effort. Putting your faith in the photographer that is magically going to make everyone look nice and pretty- is a hard emotional task. As we all know- the kids usually don't want to sit stone still and be all super smiles when it seems there is something more fun to do- which is cause trouble for everyone else. It all seems near impossible! And then when it's over, talking about finding the needle in a haystack with the photo options you have to choose from. Dad is smiling in this one but not in the other one where everyone else is smiling. The list goes on. When you think about how much actual stress that will cause you in the long run, well, let's not go there.

Forget about all of that. Those days are over. 

Don't let your stress be compiled on top of other stressful life events. We, as parents, have enough to worry about. We know that photographs are important. But we put it off because no one wants to sit through a stressful event. Some people even wait to take photos at all until it is something they can "fit in" to their schedules. And by that - they mean- wait until it won't be as stressful. 

Well folks, that time will never come. Let's get real! Our busy lives are as busy as busy gets. There is very little time for extras and that goes double for the extras that are stressful.

So how can we put all this to rest? How do we put all this stress behind us? Or better yet, how do we prevent this stress to begin with?

For what seems like forever, people have been focused on getting pretty pictures while they sit next to each other in a nice open field during sunset hours. Don't get me wrong, those kinds of portraits are beautiful when done right. But, if the thought of sitting tight while your two year old squirms in your lap and just wants to scream his head off stresses you out, then this is not for you!  The time commitment involved in these sessions is also something to take note of. The time consuming preparation and the thoughts of what will happen if even the slightest thing goes awry, are just too much. 

Enter the Documentary Photography movement.

Documentary photography takes all that stress and melts it away. No time consuming preparations, no pretending to be someone you are not and no stressful time constraints to add to your schedule. 

While those are all things documentary photography is not, let's explore what documentary photography is. 

Laid back and free, just like your favorite relaxation technique, documentary sessions take on a whole new meaning for the words "low-maintenance".  As a matter of fact, documentary photo sessions can be while doing your favorite relaxation technique. Who said that wasn't realistic? 

So jump in a swinging hammock or listen to some calming music while you do your favorite yoga pose and just run with it. It will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. 

So come join the movement of stressless photography. Enjoy what you have always wanted to enjoy- your family. Show the connections that you know you have naturally with them and without fail in your family pictures. Be a part of the movement changing how we think about portraits and be the individual you were meant to be. 

Want to jump right in? Contact me today and see what documentary photography can do for you and your family. 

Much love,


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