I was about seven, maybe six.

Let me start with this. You really have to imagine this with me as it happened. As in- close your eyes after reading and imagine this. Because that makes it all better and I am sure you will eventually side with me. 

My sister and I wanted chocolate milk. 

And the Hershey's chocolate powder was waiting for us. 

I filled my glass and my sister filled hers. 

But one had more than the other and instead of trying to make it equal, we just argued over who would get the one with the most chocolate. 

Two young girls holding the glass with one hand and wrenching it back and forth between each other in an argument to see who can grab it and who can't. 

Of course the glass dropped and broke. I mean- of course. This is my life. 

And wouldn't you know I GOT BLAMED! Me! It wasn't MY fault that SHE took my glass and let it drop! It was TOTALLY HER FAULT. Isn't it obvious? ;)

But that wasn't her story. Of course, her story blamed me. Her story told her side in the brightest light. She was the one that deserved to get the glass full of more chocolate. 

Wouldn't you know that this happens a lot? People in the same situations have very different tales to tell. They were both there at the same time and yet they both have VERY different sides to the very same story. 

Obviously this can happen a lot in photography. The stories we tell in our photographs will say different things to different people and sometimes even the way we light our photos can change the way people can tell that story or share that story. 

A good example of this in photography is when we work with backlighting. 

Backlighting is something that can be tricky because your camera doesn't recognize what you want it to focus on. The bright areas vs. the dark areas. 

If your camera focuses on the bright areas then the dark areas will be VERY DARK and you will get a silhouette.

If your camera focuses on the dark areas then bright areas will turn white and you will lose all the detail. Notice in this next picture that the sky is no longer blue when in real life you know it was blue. 

So it's up to you as the photographer to decide what you want and go with it.

Sometimes the angle we shoot at makes all the difference. Also. the settings that YOU GIVE the camera will make a difference too. Your camera can't do it all by itself. And when you rely on AUTO mode to do all that for you- you sometimes don't get what you want or what you were expecting. 

Don't be surprised that your camera can't do it all. Come to one of my beginner's photography classes and learn all about how your inner camera mind works and how you can combat it to do what YOU want. Just like my sister and I - there are two sides to every story. Try to see both of them. You know- to make it fair...

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Much love,