I had it all together. I was on top of everything all day. I had to get my daughter to dance at a certain time and I literally said to myself. "Heather, you rock!" 

But when I got to dance I realized that I didn't exactly rock as much as I thought. 

I found out I was 50 minutes late to her class when I thought I was 10 minutes early. 

I sat there and felt sorry for my daughter for making the mistake and I felt sorry for myself because I made a mistake- but in the long run I had to understand that it wasn't important. One missed class does not make a big problem. 

There were a lot of things that led up to the issue in question that I could have blamed but in the end it was all my fault.

I read the details of the email wrong and I got there late. Just like in real life, the details of your photos are important.

Everything in a photo helps tell the story of the photo. EVERYTHING. Not one thing in the photo is not seen by the viewer.  Anything can influence the thoughts of the viewer and the story that is being told. 

Here is an example of how your image can be influenced by the items within it. 

Versus this...

The image on the top clearly makes sense. The clutter within the image is surely important to the activity and it shows the details of the moment.  

The bottom image, however, does not have clutter that makes sense. The details in this photo do not add to the story. The boxes behind the kids have no meaning towards the story and some of the items on the table are even distracting.  

Details don't have to be objects either.

Details resemble a dirty face on a 5 year old or the stool that your child needs to stand on to brush his teeth. You know your story well. Make sure you explain the story without words.

Here are a couple more photos that have cluttered details that make sense for the scene.

So, for this time, make sure to think about the details in your frame and ask yourself if you think they are important to your story. Sometimes the environment will make sense and sometimes it won't. Sometimes the details are not in the environment but in the facial expressions or in some other fashion. Experiment, have fun, and share!

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Much love,