I was so tired.

It was one of those days that I had been yawning all day and couldn’t catch a break.

All I wanted to do was take a nap. 

Why was I so tired? I can’t remember. Life got in my way. 

You know- between the driving to dance classes and homeschool classes and work projects plus all the cleaning and cooking and being a mom - nothing different than any other mom out there. 

So why was I so tired? I still have no idea. 

I think it really comes down to the temperature change to Fall weather. That always makes me think about life and the ever changing things we go through day by day. 

My kids are growing up. I am getting older. We are all changing. 

This year I have been so concentrated on making one film per month for my kids. We have a ton of fun making these films. And I know we will cherish them forever. 

BUT… there is just something about a photo. The ability to tell a story in one frame is just uncanny. It’s really it’s own kind of art. I have said this before. 

This time though I know my “fall-fever” is taking over and it’s really a hard thing to accept.

I have not taken ONE picture of my kids almost ALL YEAR.

Something to look back and to inspect. Something to give me a moment in time to remember for life. (Ok really thats a lie- but I bet I could count how many photos I have of their year on one hand.)

When was the last time you took a photo of your child doing an activity that they love?

I’m not talking about your cute little selfies you take with your child at the movies or somewhere special.

I’m not talking about the little smiling child that is saying cheese while you take the picture. 

When was the last time you took a REAL PORTRAIT of your child?

Something that represents what they are and all they embody? Something that represents their character and their love for something specific? 

Is that hard to do? Not really. 

But do we do it? Almost never. 

I am talking about you. I am talking about me. 

And I only mention this because I love you. I want you to have more of what you want to remember of not just your life but theirs. 

Go ahead. Try it out. Learn how to do this better. You will thank me. 

Take those pictures based on the weekly challenges and post those pictures on my Facebook page

Much love,


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