So last night I am sitting watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix.

Have you seen it? Well, it's good. I mean, really good. (If you like that sort of show about fantasy and stories and mystery.) 

And all of a sudden, my T.V. turns off. I mean, this has actually happened before to me and I swear it's really annoying. 

The first thing that comes to mind is that maybe you have a power outage or it came unplugged or the cat stepped on the remote and it turned off or "insert other possibility here". 

NO. None of these things happened. NADA. 

I was sitting alone on the bed with the remote in front of me and dogs sleeping next to me and there was nothing happening at that time that could have caused anything like this to happen. Nothing. 

Now- we just moved into my house and we know for a fact that there was a death in the house. It was a peaceful kind of death by the  husband of the lady that owned this house before. And before you ask- yes - I do believe in ghosts. 

So did the GHOST do it? I mean it's a possibility that has been hounding me lately. But I digress...

So I turn the T.V. back on and not 30 seconds later it happens again. OFF. BY. ITSELF. 

NOW my frustration level is pretty high. I am getting mad. It takes forever for my satellite internet to let me turn on Netflix and then once it's back on just to get it to start the show is like ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. And if you know me you know I am NOT a patient person with this type of thing. 

And it happened about FIVE times total in about TEN minutes. So YEAH my frustration level was a little high. 

Then to top it all off my internet decided that maybe I had enough and it wouldn't connect to Netflix at all. The night owl that I am was not happy and I had to go to bed early. 

Shoot. I hate going to bed early. And not only that- I completely wanted to finish the episode that I was on and so now I'm in suspense. Shoot. 

Has something like this ever happened to you? Please tell me I am not alone. The most simple pleasures in life can sometimes let you down. 

I mean it turned off FIVE TIMES! What is that?! I love my T.V. and I am not afraid to admit it. 

Go ahead- comment below and just tell me your favorite story about how the little things in life let you down. I need a laugh. Let's laugh together. 

Much love,


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