Trying to schedule time to work with you can be difficult. Your family is busy. Between school, doctor visits, work and weekend sports activities, you are bombarded every day with things that keep your life in check, keep you busy and hopefully keep you grounded.

Small boy with scooter in front of his house about to go in or come out.

My job is to capture that time in your life and the feeling you get when you look back on them. Maybe for you this time is chaos. Maybe that feeling for you will entail the love you felt for one another. Maybe you will look back and see the fun your kids had in their childhood every day. Bottom line is, all you gotta do is invite me along. I am not here to add to the chaos, but to accompany it in a way that is unobtrusive and unapologetic.

Older brother swinging younger sister on the swings while she laughs. Mom behind them on her phone.

You’re going to a baseball game for your daughter anyways so let me come along and capture that. Next, you’re going to dinner because you didn’t have time to cook yourself today. So let me come along and capture that. The every day moments are those that we need to cherish. The everyday lives of your kids and the way that they survived is a story on its own. Believe me. I know.

Three kids walking with their mom on the street going to pick up brother from the bus stop. One child in a cast and another holding her blankie.
Picking up brother from the bus stop and he hits one brother after seeing his cast on his arm. Other siblings stand by.

The only thing you have in your life that keeps you stable is the ability to remember, the ability to love and the ability to feel something greater than yourself. If you can teach this to your child, then you have done a great job in my book.

Small girl hiding and wrapped up in her curtains in front of her sliding glass door that opens to her backyard.

So today I want to celebrate your little adventures, your little trips and your little wins. Bring me along to remember all of them. ok- well at least one.

Much love,


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