Soon. This year. Possibly a big move for us is on the horizon.

We are currently living in California. I have lived in California for my whole life and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. People that are not from here don't know the beauty that is California. However, the expense of living in California is not something we actually enjoy. The possibility to love another state and move there is something we have been toying with for a couple years and now finally we have been given the opportunity to make it happen. I feel as though God is willing me to this decision and I cannot be any more happy and also any more scared. 

Idaho Hills and prairies in Emmett and Horseshoe Bend 

Recently we took a trip to Idaho and we visited my parents who live there. We wanted to take a look at the surrounding areas to my parents home town so we can decide what areas to concentrate our house search on- or concentrate our land search on. (That is another story entirely!) We were lucky enough to be able to go and see the area with a little bit of snow but not a debilitating amount so we could get around and see the areas of interest quite well. Driving a bit around the towns- we loved viewing some of the local life and seeing just a glimpse of what it would be like to live there. 

Idaho hills and prairies of Emmett and Horseshoe Bend 

What we found was an entirely different "pretty" that we don't often get in my neck of the woods here in Northern CA and I have to say- it was breathtaking and sometimes even comical. 

Idaho Hills and prairies win Emmett, Horseshoe Bend and Cambridge

I can't wait to share more of my journey as we decide to move to Idaho and see where this all takes us. Coming home was a little bitter sweet. 

Much love,