So this summer has been a whirlwind. My goal was to keep the kids pretty busy and we have done just that. It's amazing to think that it will all be over soon. I don't want to believe that the kids start school in less than three weeks. Time flies and I just can't keep a hold of it. 

One of the things we did this summer was go to Cub Scout Day Camp. This year marks my son's fifth and final year going to camp. It's unbelievable how much fun day camp is. He gets to do archery and BB gun shooting and crafts and so many other things. Never in the history of our years going did we have rain like this year. As most of you know, California is going through a bad drought period. Summer rains usually bring lightning and thunder. Both things we don't want around here because they usually bring summer fires. We have had our share of fires in the past couple years and we cannot express how dangerous and scary it is to get lightning. Luckily on this week though, rain was the only thing coming. It wasn't enough to help anything, but it was enough to make my car look dirtier than it really was. We were happy to get the chance to have at least some rain though. No complaints here. Cooper graduates from Cub Scouts this coming March and I can't believe it. I hope he finds Boy Scouts as enjoyable as he does Cub Scouts. Only time will tell. If we are lucky enough, he will actually get an Eagle award. Although that is far down the road it is something I am sure he will aspire to do. 

Do you have a boy in scouts? I would love to hear about your adventures. We are always looking for new ideas. New activities and things to have fun with are always a must with scouting!

If you want to have an adventure with me and have me photograph your day then please START YOUR JOURNEY HERE or just jump ahead and CONTACT ME today. I love going on adventures!! 

Much love,