So as I sit here my kids are watching that movie The Polar Express. Now who with kids has not seen this movie? It is literally mind boggling to me how many times my kids have seen this. One year I tried to hide it in the Christmas boxes so it could only be watched during the correct season. That did not go over well. Did you ever have a movie that you enjoyed so much as a kid that you watched it all year long and multiple times? For me it was Mary Poppins. My mom swears that she didn't get rid of the movie. But, I know better. She got tired of watching it! I don't blame her. I have yet to do that with my kids movies. I haven't gotten rid of anything that they enjoyed too much. Or have I? I honestly can't remember. With over 500 movies in my house, I lose track. Can you blame me? But I am getting off track as usual. 

So my kids are watching this movie and I love it. But, it reminds me of the season that is about to come. Fall is almost here and Christmas will be upon us soon. And it gets me to thinking about how I have not picked up my camera in so long. I think I am in a slump or something. I have no desire to pick it up today. And that's ok. We all need a break sometimes. I am enjoying the time I spend with my kids as the summer ends and I am very excited about the school year to come. The fall season always brings fun things like pumpkin patches and berry picking. I will have plenty of time to take pictures of my family then. For now- it's time to spend quality time and not worry about all the details. 

Much love,


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