So today I was taking my kids to the orthodontist because my son had yet another appointment. On the way down to the appointment I was thinking about how I am glad that we are getting this done before school starts. But then I remembered that it doesn't matter because there will just be another one when school starts! Ugh. I hate the orthodontist. Not only is it about one hour away from my house, it just is awful how much money I am spending on my kid's teeth! Sigh. The joys of parenthood. 

Now the wait begins. I really never know how long it's going to take for them to finish with him so my daughter and I are used to waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Usually I read my current series of books I am on but on this day my daughter wanted to look at the yearbooks that were sitting in the lobby. I guess this office buys them every year to support the local high school. We got to looking through one book and I just had so many flashbacks to my own high school and my own experiences. You can imagine where I am going with this huh? How did time fly so fast? It's like I am in another dimension compared to back then. Who took my body and replaced it with a working-from-home-mom of two kids? I couldn't look at the book any longer. I had to put it away. Very sad for me. Flash forward five to seven years and both of my kids will have graduated high school. Not cool. You with me? Let's stop time together. Live in the now. Live each day for what it is worth and remember the little moments forever. 

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