Quietly sitting, waiting for the story to be done, the librarian closed the book and asked the group how they enjoyed it.  She asked us questions and she told us some more about the story outside of the reading. Saying something about the author and then telling us we could get up to pick our own books, we were excited. I loved the library so much as a child. I don't remember the book she was reading and I don't remember whether it was at my school's library or the town library but I remember vividly how the library smelled of stuffy books and how small the floor area was where we could sit down and listen. 

While I have been concentrating on taking more pictures out in the Bay Area such as San Jose, Cupertino and Palo Alto, it is always nice to still be recognized in my local community. This year I have had the privilege of being featured at our local Cameron Park Library and I couldn't be more excited. Phase one was a hit and phase two is almost here! But I have one problem! Which image do you think is better to be featured on the walls of the library? I love them both! Help me decide!

Little boy toddler helping read book at the library 

Little boy toddler helping read book at the library 

I need to know! Help a girl out!

You want a session at your local library? Please contact me today to schedule your session. It's so fun to watch young minds have fun and learn about the world. 

Much love,