Smack. Right in the face and down my shirt, the snowball was really cold. It never ceased to amaze me as a child how much fun the snow could be when it was new. It was always so fun to make snowballs for throwing, snowmen for displaying and travel up our backyard butte for sledding. I don’t really know what happened, but as I grew up I didn’t enjoy being outside in it anymore. Now, as an adult, I enjoy sitting inside while I stay warm, while I read a good book (if I get the chance) and just watching the snow fall from my safe place. Maybe it’s experience that tells me I don’t really enjoy the wet snow as much as I used to. Maybe its the fact that I am one of those people that get cold just at the thought of opening my refrigerator. Or maybe it’s the fact that my kids aren’t really snow people either and that has prevented me from trying too hard to get out and play in it. As a family, we don’t go skiing, we don’t go sledding and we don’t make snowmen. The last time we did, was many years ago. I wonder if my kids aren’t becoming more like me due to example or maybe just because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But whatever it is, I’m ok with it. I have to make peace with the fact that we are not “winter people” but rather more “summer people”. And thats ok with me.

That all being said, yesterday I was able to take a moment and truly enjoy the snow from children’s eyes. My kids NEVER got this excited to be outside in the snow. They rarely experimented with what to do in it, let alone be creative with it. It’s amazing how truly fortunate I feel to be able to document these kinds of moments in families lives. I am forever grateful for families that will trust me to document these moments for them.

My Christmas Tree hunting sessions are underway and in full swing. I still have a few spots available. If you want more information on these and my available times then please contact me. Visit my Christmas Tree Hunting page for more info on what they and how they work. I can’t wait to do this for you too!

Much love,