Sitting in my living room, I hear complete silence. Other than the sound of my clothes dryer drying my clothes, I hear nothing. It is so rare I get these moments. So I enjoy them when I can. My windows are open and my curtains are swaying in the early Fall breeze. I close my eyes as I rest and I am reminded of this time when I was a child. Where I grew up my mother had these sheer lace curtains that used to line the windows of our home. They were pretty gaudy and at the time I never really thought anything of it but I used to love to play in them. I would hide behind them and throw them up and catch them in the air. They were long and a pretty off-white color. I used to sit on the couch and watch them sway in the breezes that would blow through our house. It was so calming. I would do this often when I was by myself. This, for me, embodies the idea of a home. A country setting, a lovely breeze and perfectly quiet day.

What makes you think of a home? Tell me about it in the comments.

Moments like these are what we remember in the depths of our souls. I want to remember all these moments but as I get older I lose them. Don't lose them. Capture them in photos. Call me today.

Much love,