This time I want to talk about something a little deeper. We all have our unique lives. We all have this ability to see things in our own lives that are special to us. They may not be special to anyone else, but they are special to us. The way your child sticks his tongue out when reading or the way they ask to get up on your shoulders while you walk. There are so many things that are unique to you. Capturing those details is not the only way to capture life but it really does mean a little more in the end. That moment that you can see in a photograph that brings you back to that specific moment in time and it's like you never left.

When some people think about details they think about little toes and blue eyes. When I think about details I am talking about details that tell a story. Make the photos you take tell your story. That is truly the best photo of all. If the story is told well- the technical side of the photo doesn't matter any more.

Here are some of my stories:

To you this might look like a girl in her swimming suit sitting in a chair. To me, this photo represents that summer we were at swimming lessons every day. This suit was too small for my daughter in some places but the straps were overly long and they kept falling down. It was the last time she wore this suit before we bought her a new one. I finally stopped taking swimming suits from my niece as hand-me-downs because they never seemed to fit right. EVER. This is my story and it transports me back to that moment in time for just a moment.

To you this image is of a boy playing Wii on the couch. To me, the image transports me back to a time when my son was so lazy playing this game that he would lay on the couch like this to play. He never got active with the game like he was supposed to because he figured out how to make the remote move in a way that a he wouldn't have to move himself. The ultimate lazy child. He is his mother's son. ;) This is HIS spot on the couch and he gets mad when anyone sits there. This moment transports me back to a moment in time.

This image may tell a story of a boy practicing his archery skills. To me this is much more than that. This image is my son practicing archery at his last Cub Scout Day Camp ever. This was our fifth and final year going to camp and he got two bullseye shots on this day. I was so proud of him. Growing up and becoming the boy I always thought he would be and sometimes not yet the boy I want him to be. This image transports me back to that moment in time.

So the next time you are thinking about something special that happens in your family and you KNOW that is ONLY happens in your family, consider taking a photo of that. The details of your life are just yours and no one else's. No one can say they had the same experiences and no one can say they have the same unique qualities. Only you can say that. Capture those moments. Understand they only belong to you. Understand that they are important.

Contact me today to let me help you document your own adventures and stories in photos or films. Your adventure awaits!

Much love,