The day I started in photography I would scour other people's work and try and learn by just seeing what they were doing. And in the beginning it's an awesome way to start. So I thought I would bring you a series on how I do it. What did I do to prepare for a certain shot and why did I take those steps? Want you to know how simple it can be? Let's look at the example we are working with. 

Step 1: Know Your Light

All houses have windows. All windows have some sort of light coming through them. In this scene- I am working with window light. Some of the best light there is to work with and some of the easiest too. You want a directional light- which means you want to have the light coming from one direction. I know that the light in this room is gorgeous during this time of day because I like how it frames in my subject. I set up this scene KNOWING I would love the light. Photography is always a set up of some kind. Knowing your light will help you set up your scene. 

Step 2: Know Your Subject

In this particular shot, I knew that I wanted to focus on the action in the scene and not the person. I can tell who this is by looking at it. Most people that know my family can tell who this is. Therefore, the person is not the subject here. The action of what she is doing is the subject. Focus on what you want people to look at. Make it obvious. Make it fun!

Step 3: Know Your Surroundings

In this particular room of my house there is usually a lot of clutter. When I set up the scene before my kids started working, I actually removed a lot of the clutter so it wouldn't cloud up my scene. This is very easy to do and takes very little time. The items in the background that are sitting outside were obviously not as important to me! Ha! Without all the extra stuff on the table it is very clear what I want you to look at and it helps you focus on just that!  

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Documenting your day doesn't always have to be snap shots of people looking at you. Remembering the scene as it was at that moment can be just as important. Take a look at how to use your light more creatively and gain some more inspiration! 

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