If you have ever seen the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you know that there is a cruel sense of fun when it comes to finding your own Christmas tree. Going out into the forest and finding your dream tree is like something out of a movie for sure. So why do it? The traveling out of town with whiny kids, the inevitable cold (and possibly snowy) weather you will experience and the long trek back to the car with a heavy tree, doesn’t sound very appealing. Then you have to get it home, trim it and put it up. All in the name of family memories. That sounds hard. Am I right?

Two kids sitting by the fire pit at the Christmas Tree lot in Boise ID warming their hands.

Well, Clark said it best when he stated, “Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas!” As we all know, the point of the movie is to make us remember what Christmas is really about. Not the gifts, not the music, not the tree, but the time spent with family.

Family picking out their Christmas tree at a lot in Boise ID, seeing how tall it is compared to dad who is holding it up.

There is literally no better way to spend time with family, than doing an old fashioned tree hunt. That hunt may start in a store like Home Depot, a dedicated Christmas tree lot in town or it may involve a hunt through the pines in the few National Forests that surround your sweet city.

Mom and two daughters laughing and drinking hot chocolate while they search for their Christmas Tree at a lot in Boise Idaho

So forget about the fake tree and leave it packed this year. Take the time to spend some quality moments with the ones you care about and let’s do a traditional tree hunt. You may have so much fun, that next year it will be the thing to do. You will want to see your fake tree. I guarantee it. (Maybe…)

Much love,


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