Do you have that one friend that you can talk to no matter what?

All the time? Any time? And they can do the same for you?

I do. And I love her. 

She actually had something really painful to tell me the other day. And at first I didn't want to hear it, but in the end I felt ok about it because she didn't just feed me the negative things and that was it.

She gave that painful thing to me in a compliment sandwich.

You know- a good thing, a bad thing and then another good thing?

It's not about what you want them to hear- it's about the extra stuff.

The things that you add to make the whole story complete. If she had told me only the negative comment, things would not have felt complete. I would have been upset and things would not have ended on a positive note. 

But she didn't do it like that.

Giving it to me straight and telling me the whole story- that is how we have to think about our pictures.

There are two parts to the story (or many) and we can't forget them all. 

Here is where I want to talk about negative space. 

The space in your photo is all inclusive. The positive space is where the story actually takes place- the subject of you photo if you will. The negative space is everything else. There are a ton of reasons to add negative space and I will leave those deep and inner thoughts to you. But just so you know there is an entire world out there. You need to show it all. 

This is an example of a picture that shows the negative space as empty. Why is it empty? What does that say about the person in the photo?

This is another picture that shows the negative space as empty but maybe it has a different feeling than the first one? You decide. 

Go ahead and make sure to post your photos on my Facebook page so I can see them. Sharing is freeing! So just like we should be telling our friends about the whole problem- tell the entire story in your pictures.

Here are some more to get your juices flowing! This is your last chance to share so don't mis out! 

Much love,


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