Growing up- my mother was a photographer. 

She was one of those people that always had the camera in our face and we just "got used to it". I never once told her to stop (well-maybe in middle school haha) and I obviously don't regret that now. 

She even had her own dark room set up and enlarger for the film she was developing.

And so as you can imagine- there were a lot of photos.

A lot were even put onto slides where they still sit today. 

Later on I when I got married, my mom had the privilege of going through all those photos and deciding which ones were to go on the collage we were making for the big day.

There were so many to choose from and it was a little overwhelming I'm sure. 

Fast forward about 10-13 years, my mom decided to make scrapbooks with all those photos.

As you can imagine it took a little while to do it! To decide which photos would go into the books she would make for me and the photos that would go into my sister's books would not only take her years to accomplish- but it took a lot of her energy as well. 

There are lots of ways we can store old photos.

Some people will sort them into boxes, and some will scan them and put them into a digital format. Some people will scrapbook their photos and others will even just store them in a large pile sitting in the sun waiting to deteriorate. As much as I think the last one appeals to the lazy side of all of us. This is obviously not the right choice! In our hearts, I think we all know that.

But, where to start on the right path for you to preserving your memories?

If you have a ton of photos like my mom did- it can get very overwhelming very quickly.

This is where I recommend having the professionals help you. 

What? You didn't know there were such people? People to help you get organized and then make that whole overwhelming feeling go away? Right. So what are you going to do about it? 

It's one of those things that are in the back of your mind always and never get finished and you tell yourself that it will get done on the next rainy day right? 

Well lucky you!! YAY!! It's now that rainy day! (And I say that literally because it is raining outside as I write this.) 

You need to do this for your sanity and your yourself.

No matter how you have those memories stored or where they are at- it is the time to dust them off and see where they can be placed and preserved properly. If you are lucky- they are not ruined already. And I mean that with all seriousness. Sticky albums anyone??? Oh my gosh. Please say not. 

So today I wanted to introduce someone that has been an awesome partner to me in my business. She is so kind and sweet and generous. I think you all need to meet her. 

Meet Judy Bujold of Captured Moments.

I took her aside the other day and asked her some important questions. Let me share with you some of the things she shared with me.

1. What got you into this business? What spurred you to start a new business on your own?

I have been in the photography industry for over five years, where I captured families precious memories.  My passion for storytelling compelled me to learn more about Professional Photo Organizing and found Captured Moments in 2015

2. What do you love most about this business?

Providing photo and media service to families that preserves their legacy for years to come.

3. Do you have a favorite story to tell with any clients - maybe the ones that have really appreciated you or ones that you have done the most for (emotionally or physically)?

My Mom developed Alzheimer back in 2004, and while cleaning out her house before we moved her to a senior home, my family decided I was the person to inherit all her albums and memories.   So I moved 35 albums and four large boxes of photos from Florida to California where they sat for years.  And one day I decided to make some Photo books for my Mom.   She would walk around the senior home with this book in her hand.  She recognized people in the book but never could recognize them in person.   I wish we got her photos out of the albums and boxes way before her illness kicked in.

4. Explain in a few sentences what you do for your clients?

I gather families most precious photos, both loose and digital, along with family treasures and media and provide them with a slice of their life.   Through Organizing, scanning, editing and sharing, we can preserve their memories for their families.

5. Anything else you want to add?

Through on-site consultation, we can work together,organizing memories and creating wonderful gifts to share with family and friends. Or, I can tailor a photo session just for you.

Photo Organizing, both traditional and digital images.

Remote Digital Photo Organizing and Editing.

Professional Hi-Speed Photo scanning services.

Quality Photo Memory Books and Video slide shows—

Celebrating your milestones in life.

6. Where can people find you online??



Twitter: @judybujold

So whether you are trying to just figure out how to start or you need some advice on other matter of organizing your photos- give Judy a ring.

You won't regret it. I know my mom was overwhelmed with the possibility of making albums of me and my sister. But imagine the relief now that it is done? Don't you want to be like her? I know I do. 

Contact me today to start learning how you can take better photos of your kids and family and join my documentary challenge

Much love,