This last summer could not have been more busy or more complicated for me. The wild ride took me to the zoo many times. Bonus being, I actually got a membership so I can go whenever I want for the whole year. 

Brother and sister waiting to get a drink at the booth in Zoo Boise. Girl smiling at camera directly.

This little family was like no other in that they were all smiles all the time. Never a complaint from the kids, never a whine or a cry. I guess the zoo is pretty magical in that way huh? If you have never been to the zoo here in Boise than there is no better time than now to get it done. 

Little girl watching the penguins swim as they fill up the water tank at Zoo Boise.
Little boy scratching his head while watching the Tiger lay around at Zoo Boise with his siblings.

One of the things about this trip that made it special was that the Tiger had just arrived. Previous trips, the tiger was not there. A sign out front of the enclosure reminds you of the extinction rates for tigers right now in the world and you become sad. It’s amazing what a little education can do on your view of the world. 

Would you like to visit the zoo here in town? Would you like me to tag along? Definitely give me a call! Contact me today to book your spot.

Much love,