"You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." -Christopher Robin (Pooh's Grand Adventure)

I was reading this book to my daughter the other day and it actually made me cry. It may have stemmed from more than the story line but non the less, there I was crying to my daughter as I read this story. It's a story about a boy who goes to school and his friends get scared that he is gone and possibly in trouble so, they go in search of him to help him. Along the way they find things out about themselves that they didn't know about before. Like the old saying goes- God will never give you anything you can't handle. This philosophy has been so engrained in the past seven years of my life that it is kinda the way I live life. What ever happens, happens and I know I can handle it. I always want my kids to feel that way too.

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There are a lot of little achievements that happen in a child's life and believe it or not- they can handle them. What we as parents need to do is make sure we understand that they need to do these things to grow and to become better people- not only for themselves but for others. I am not too proud to say this but just yesterday I started forcing my daughter to brush her own teeth! She is 6 years old and just learning how to do this. She has known "how" forever but giving her the power to do it herself is just outstanding. She may not do that great of a job but how could she when she hasn't practiced herself? We went to the doctor the other day and if you know our family history- you know we have been to the doctor's office sooooo many times for various unrelated and seemingly crazy things. My daughter did great. She is always a trooper at the doctor and she doesn't ever seem to be scared or upset. She just gets it done and now that she is old enough we can talk to her about what she is going through so it helps her a lot. One quality that my daughter lacks is bravery. For heavens sake you think this child would be from another world comparing her brother but what I love about her is that once she gains the confidence she will get so excited. She recently was a part of a talent show at her school and as a kindergartener that is a huge accomplishment. We were so proud of her. It was an awesome experience for her to test her fears.

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Now lately I have been doing my best to exercise a little more. My problem is that I have this love for food that seems to be unnatural. I can't get enough of the foods I love. It is really hard to stop eating things when it tastes so good!! I have been trying really hard however to do a "couch to 5K" program and do a little more running and hiking and it even makes it better when a friend will come along with me. My dogs are too old to go out and play on the trails anymore so I am glad when I have company. My fitness goals aren't elaborate but I know that when I do get outside I feel so good about myself and so proud of what I have accomplished.

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Much like when my daughter is trying something new that makes her happy. It's a win-win! Even if it is a little messy to let her try something new...

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So when you least expect it you may surprise yourself. The problem is getting yourself motivated to do something out of your comfort zone. That is the hardest thing for me to do. And just like Winnie the Pooh and his friends- I will always find it in myself what is necessary to move forward and just "get-it-done".  Hopefully there is not a storm brewing in your life but if there is I hope you can do the same thing. Follow your dreams and anything is possible.

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