"In the end,  it's not going to matter how many breath you took, but how many moments took your breath away.

--Shing Xiong

This last month has brought on a wide array or surprises and some disappointments and other life journey nonsense I would rather not discuss but in the end it all does't mean a darn thing. As long as I am happy, healthy and am able to physically watch my kids grow up right from under me, I am good. I am all good. This last month my kids started school. My daughter in 1st grade and my son in 4th grade it really makes you wonder how things get this way. How does time keep going on and on when I am not clearly ready of it?

5 on 5 Blog Circle September 2014 | Folsom Family-Children Photographer

With my son being at school, it meant that duckie would be lonely. I came home after school drop off and I found this. Yes, duckie would be less busy but at least he has a warm spot in the sun to rest for the majority of the day.

5 on 5 Blog Circle September 2014 | Folsom Family-Children Photographer

Later this last month we went to Apple Hill. For those of you that don't know- Apple Hill is an area around here that has lots of places to shop for fresh local fruits and veggies, plants, (MOSTLY APPLES) and get a few treats and crafts a long the way. Expect a lot of crazy out-of-towners to come up and not know how to drive on the windy roads we have here. Expect lots of crafters getting in the isles and making things hard to get around. Expect lots of yelling/screaming kids as you try and have a peaceful sit by the lake. Expect pure craziness when at Apple Hill. There are many farms to chose from but the best are always the busiest! This year we decided to go on "soft opening" weekend and there was virtually no one in sight. It was kinda creepy if you ask me!


My kids never sit quietly, let alone quietly together and never talking nicely to each other. Who took my children?? This is not a normal scene. They were probably just watching for the ducks. What cute ducks they are too.



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